Servicing at Dearden Motorcycles

Looking after your motorbike ensures you attain the maximum riding pleasure from a machine that is in perfect working order.

Whether you need a full motorcycle service, a minor repair, alarm or immobiliser fitting, new tyres or engine work our skilled team will be able to help.

As the owner of a motorcycle, it is your legal duty to ensure it is roadworthy and does not pose a hazard to yourself, any passengers, other road users or the general public.

Regular servicing will ensure any mechanical or electrical problems are ironed out ahead of your MOT and of course before they affect the safe operation of your motorbike. Your motorbike may also be more efficient and more pleasant to ride when all the components are in optimum condition.

For a thorough motorcycle MOT, come in and see us or click below to enquire.

MOT at Dearden Motorcycles