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Far more than a household name to a biker, Suzuki have become a fan-favourite for their incredible designs, limitless power and true motorcycling passion that shines through in every new arrival in their range. Whether you're an off-road rider or road racer, or just looking for a nimble yet reliable bike to fulfil daily commutes, you won't be disappointed by the range offered by Suzuki motorcycles.

Here at Dearden Motorcycles, we stock all of the latest models from the Suzuki range, including the class-leading Adventure and Sports range, through to the cutting-edge Street range, giving you the option to choose from 125cc, 250cc, 650cc and 1000cc engine sizes as well as a host of Suzuki scooter options including the Burgman and Address scooter. You can even save some money on our fantastic quality used bike selection where you'll find a selection of used Suzuki motorcycles. 


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