In another life I was a Lecturer of mechanical engineering at Bordon, Hampshire near Alton, teaching Engines and heavy and light armoured vehicles to the MOD. I would ride my Gixxer to work in the summer with my stuff in a 35 litre back pack, (50mls). One way, the front has a zipped compartment covered by a Velcro flap to keep rain out, I would keep my Pass in there to allow me to get into the camp, so it opened and shut every time I entered and left. I did this for five years, the Velcro started to come unstuck and the front flapped as I rode the bike.
I liked the bag a lot so contacted Kriega and asked if they recommended anywhere to repair it, they sent me a stamped addressed label and said they would look into it if I mailed the bag.
It was back in a week, every zip strap and clip, including the Velcro flap had been renewed, with a my compliments slip telling me it was good for another 10 Yrs.
Now that’s what I call service and a fantastic product, I will never use anything else.
Jim, Mudie. MSC. BA (ed) AMIME.


The New Suzuki V-Strom 1050

I was the lucky one in the team to be asked to attend this years' Suzuki trial for the new V-Strom 1050 in Madrid, Spain. We flew out on a Wednesday morning and by midday were out testing the bikes in the glorious, crisp, clear sunshine of Spain. I found the model to be very refreshing, the bike still has the amazing turning agility, comfort and fuel efficiency. I did not expect to see such a change in technology, having a 6-axis IMU onboard to help assist with braking and power distribution, LCD display, Hill Hold System, three levels of power response, cruise control and many more. Time to fly home on the Thursday afternoon and I was back to reality and airport ques as there were strikes... still it was great 24 hours and i'm looking forward to sharing my experience of the bike with any interested parties this year.
Jordan S (Sales - Dearden Motorcycles)